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Here’s an example of the strip club drama in San Diego. Parties should not be drama! Why choose drama? Fun, hot times is what my girls and guys promise to your party. Let us bring the ultimate strip club to you

The mood at the strip club in Kearny Mesa quickly turned intense Thursday night when 10 officers swarmed the building with guns and bulletproof vests, interrupting business for a couple of hours.

“I didn’t know if it was a bank robbery or serial killer on the loose the way they had come in like that,” said manager Rich Buonantony.

So why the show of force? Was there a violent fugitive inside? A drug kingpin? Was the club suspected of some sort of criminal conspiracy?

No. None of that.

The detectives showed up to make sure all 30 dancers had proper permits and were in compliance. Surveillance video shows the women lined up and officers taking down their information.

“They asked us for our licenses and then took down our Social Security and had us line up in the back of the dressing rooms and take pictures,” said stripper Katelynn Delorie.

Delorie is a hairdresser by day and a stripper at night. She has a lot of tattoos and says that made things even worse.

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