Recent Reviews

Jean Marc C. Temecula, CA

WannaStrippper was fabulous. The girls love you to make it rain. Strippers were even early to our party and stayed much longer than expected. I called all around but the receptionist here was the most informative and simply not weird like the other companies. Curious if its normal for the strippers to call you on their private phone #, as I thought that was a nice touch. Yep,, will use again.

Ernie P. Chula Vista, CA

Gawd damn it that was killer ladies! Thanks for the sexy times. My friends keep bugging me for our phone #. Hope they told you I referred them? Maybe my referrals earns a free show? LOL Will call soon for Fantasy Football strippers.

Jose G. San Diego, CA

Michelle and Sarah were very cool. We were worried we'd end up with uptight girls but was not the case. Hot fun and super sexy girls for sure. Can't believe we were lucky enough to find this agency. We dropped some good money on them but worth every dollar! Recommend the fantasy toy show package. My best man was totally drunk and a handful but the girls were patient and managed to do show right over him. Never saw that before!